If you are an aircraft owner, or rent and fly often and love to golf; this is the site for you. But first, some introductions.

My name is Richard and my wife of 31 years (as of this date) is Michele. We are both retired (sort of) and own a 1976 Cessna Cardinal C177rg. Michele is a retired RN/BSN/MSN and Certified Case Manager, as well as a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel (21 years).  Me?  I’m an old truck driver that was an independent owner-operator  for a number of years, as well as working for a number of trucking firms.  My last 25 years were as a Feeder Driver (that’s UPSeez for “Big Trucks”) for United Parcel Service.

We also own a small acreage in Eastern Oregon near the Columbia River, where we raise and put up small, two-string bales of grass hay for horses and keep our horses.  I run the farm and keep the 40-60 year old machinery going and we are both active in our local church.  In addition to this, we are both American Heart Association certified BLS instructors in First Aid, CPR and AED

Did I mention that we both love to golf?  That’s what started us thinking: Where can we fly our airplane to and go golfing?  Research showed that there were lots of commercial offerings for fly and golf with scheduled/charter airlines, but nothing dedicated to small, General Aviation (GA) airplanes such as ours.

So, that’s what we will be writing about on this blog; places to fly to with your own airplane and play golf.  We plan to travel to small GA airports that do not have, or have minimal scheduled airline service that have golfing venues nearby and are easily reachable from the airport.  It beats just going out for that venerable “$100 Hamburger”, which is the traditional excuse to go fly somewhere.

We will review both the airports and the golf courses.  Not as professional golfers (Did you notice the blog name?), or as professional travelers, or travel agents, but rather as people interested in going somewhere and having fun.  Airport reviews will include such things as: Landing fees, Itinerant tie-down availability and cost, Courtesy/Crew car availability, staffing, aircraft services, food and anything of special note to the small airplane driver that will be flying there.  The golf courses will be reviewed with an eye on friendliness, condition, food availability and overall cost. Note:  Difficulty will not be judged by us, as all golf courses are a challenge to us.

So, stay tuned for reviews to come.  The first one will be of Desert Aire, Washington (M94).  We welcome your constructive comments and suggestions for new places to visit, so come fly with us.

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